Gentrified controversy

In my recent post I talk about displacement in gentrification and how it’s mostly based upon education and not completely on race and I want to dive deeper into that.

A lot of gentrified areas are places that are very diverse and when someone gets forced out of their housing it’s not because of race it’s because of education.

The hard truth is that if you are educated you are more likely to make more money, places that are being gentrified are areas where housing is cheap and affordable for most people educated or not. Many minorities who aren’t educated are being forced out of their housing but displacement doesn’t discriminate, it’s simply because they can’t afford it.

I understand the argument that people of color can’t make money based stereotyping in the work place and in America but being educated or not heavily outweighs it. I am curious to other reasons displacement can occur but from my knowledge and research it is heavily based upon education.

There are also many changes in the districts character and culture which also forces people out. When wealthier people move into new neighborhoods they don’t take kindly to the remaining residents because of cultural differences, they see them as lower than them.

Displacement doesn’t stereotype, people and education do, and it could happen to anyone.

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