The Way We Feel

A good explanation of gentrification would talk about a neighborhood losing its character that comes from a parallel to colonialism  – in that those with more power and money come into an area that is unable to defend itself.

Linking gentrification with anxiety is something I never really thought of but after reading it made more sense to me and really opened things up. The feeling of loss is connected with deep feelings of anxiety and depression. People that move into new areas of gentrification definitely feel entitled, calling police over a simple noise complaint that could be handled with conversation, and things like parking, little and not enough organic food options. This really exposes the upper classes neediness and entitlement. Not to say all upper class people are like this but when people move into a new neighborhood with unfamiliar surroundings in an area that used to be tough I can see this happening.

The loss of a home links to a loss of individuality in your character which can trigger anxiety and depression. How we feel about ourselves is linked to the community we live in and what reflects back at us. This article was a real eye opener for me, talking about anxiety in gentrification was always there but I never really connected the dots.

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